Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lobster Roll Heaven...

I believe in traditions and love to learn about other people's favorites. My friend Galina has been indulging in a Lobster Roll at the Pearl Oyster Bar ( in the West Village for years, and when she invited me to come along, I jumped at the chance. Having never heard of a lobster roll, I'd skeptically envisaged a Chinese fried egg roll with lobster bits inside. Or like a sushi roll with lobster meat - not so exciting. As Galina and another colleague explained to me what a lobster roll actually entailed - large chunks of succulent lobster meat in a light mayonnaise sauce served in a hoagie - I was much more intrigued. 
Decadent Lobster Roll with
shoe string fries
And, at the Pearl Oyster Bar, I was absolutely not disappointed! We had delicious meal - all three of us ordering the lobster roll - and a long conversation over delicious wine. The lobster roll exceeded my every expectation (especially in comparison to my original egg roll misunderstanding!). And the shoe-string fries were the perfect blend of soft and crunchy and blended nicely with the lobster roll. In addition to being an amazing meal, the servers were incredibly flexible in letting our conversation dwell until they finally were putting out the trash to close for the night. I would happily eat here again!
at Pearl Oyster Bar with Galina and Ally!

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