Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crimson and Clover Cocktails...

Thalia's Crimson and
Clover Cocktail
Almost every day, I walk past Thalia's (, and almost every time I notice the big sign in the window announcing $1 oysters... and salivate. Finally I had the chance to check it out, over dinner with my mom to celebrate an early New Year's eve. The decor is lovely with a chic atmosphere with low level lighting. The bar area even has dark black leather couches which look incredibly comfortable. I had a great time with my mom, and had one of the most interesting cocktails I've ever tasted. Called Crimson and Clover, the cocktail is made from beet vodka, with a splash of beet juice and then coupled with goat cheese stuffed olives. To top it off, the glass was not only salted on the edge, but a beet was run along the edge first so each sip was enhanced by a salty, beety flavor. Yum!

beet happy!
great posters!
That said, in spite of the distinctive drink, cheap oysters, and great atmosphere, the food was pretty lackluster. Mom's crab cake had more breading than crabmeat, and my entree, a risotto with Mayan prawns had been kept under the heater so long awaiting my mom's dish that it was crusted over on the top and over done. For the price, disappointing. And the woman next to us ordered the salmon, which I had been considering, and would not stop singing its praises. Mom also enjoyed her lamb, which was very well prepared. In spite of these celebratory responses, my experience concluded that this place is a great spot for drinks and some oysters after work, but I would not return for a full meal.

$1 oysters
Mom with a crab cake

the dining room after it
cleared out

Restroom review: 1 1/2 tiki torches. It was a cool set up with little lights above the doors announcing whether or not the rooms were in use. One would think that the dark lighting and the black everything inside the bathroom would hide any number of sins. However, the bathroom was not well-maintained. The room I entered someone had clearly peed all over the floor. Gross. 

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