Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chocolate Treasure Cookies

me with my friend Chelsi at
her birthday party!
For one of my friend's recent birthdays, I gave her a Magnolia Bakery Cookbook as a gift. I suspected it would be a hit since I know that it's on the top of her itinerary every time she comes to New York City! When I visited her at home later during my visit, we decided to bake something from the new book. I read out the recipes in the car, and when I said "Chocolate Drop Cookies with Pecans, Heath Bar, and Vanilla Chips" we both paused, and said, "Oooooh." Sold!

Here's a link to the recipe that we made, which is easy and delicious:

Chelsi at work with the mixer

single-bowl mixing
I learned two things that night. First, I learned that I should procure: a cookbook stand, a nut chopping mill (perhaps a unitasker, but amazing!), and a cookie scoop (smaller than an ice cream scoop and incredibly useful in baking). Second, I learned that though my friend has a personality that seems very by-the-rules, this does not apply to recipes! We estimated through our measurements (and talked about starting a cooking show called Baking by Estimation, or something like that), and (and this is the big part)... we did not mix the dry and wet ingredients in two separate bowls and then put them together. Instead, we put all the wet ingredients into a big bowl, mixed them together, then sprinkled over the dry ingredients one by one, and then mixed it all together. My friend seems to think that the separate bowls is a myth (or just to encourage people to sift their ingredients, but one can easily do this manually over the wet ingredients)... and I have to say that I didn't taste a lick of difference in the resulting cookies! So from now on, until I have a recipe that fails, I'm going to save on the extra dish and try my friend's trick!
the finished product!


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  1. Sounds tasty as always! Can't go wrong with a chocolate cookie :)