Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Years' Eve Dinner

For New Year's Eve dinner: PAELLA! I confess that I don't have a single recipe I can share at the moment because what I've done is basically a strange amalgamation of several recipes from cookbooks and websites. Eventually, I'll pin it down into a single recipe, and will post it here. In the meantime, though, here are some pictures! 

And for dessert: Ille Flottante! This seriously took a long time to make (and made way too much for three people), but it was a lot of fun and the results came out fantastic! I'll have to defer to the genius of the Barefoot Contessa for the recipe:

The recipe is great. The only thing that confused me is that you need to make the caramel in advance of toasting the almonds into the praline because you need the caramel for this, but then the rest of the caramel needs to wait until the dish is ready. Unless I made a mistake and heated the caramel too much to begin with, it hardened over time, and while I kept reheating it gently to keep it soft, it ended up over-cooking the caramel and it got to be too stiff. Aside from that little debacle, this really was heaven on a plate:

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  1. This was one DELICIOUS New Year's Eve dinner ! and, great company too; Thanks, Emily & Susie !